Strawberry Shortcake's International Friends

The Strawberry Shortcake International Friends line was released in 1983 and included six new characters that Strawberry Shortcake had met in her travels around the world.

The characters include Mint Tulip and her pet duck, Marsh Mallard, from the country of Hollandaise; Almond Tea and her pet bear, Marza Panda, from China Cup; Cafe Ole and her pet donkey, Burrito, from Mexicocoa;  the twins Lem & Ada and their pet dog, Sugar Woofer, from Piccadilly Square, and Crepe Suzette and her poodle, Eclair, from Pearis.

Strawberry Shortcake's International Friends appeared as dolls and were also featured in the Strawberryland Miniatures and Deluxe Strawberryland Miniatures lines.

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