Keroppi (also called Kerokerokeroppi) is a green frog character created in 1988 by Sanrio. He has big eyes and a cheerful, sometimes silly face. He usually wears a red and white striped shirt, but is often shown with other color variations. He sometimes wears a bow tie.

Keroppi is often featured with his snail friend, Den Den. He has been featured on all the usual Sanrio products - pens and pencils, school supplies and stationery items, electronic games, clothing, and more. The Keroppi line is still in production and vintage Keroppi items have become very collectible.

When collecting vintage Keroppi items, it's important to note that Sanrio obtained the copyright for Keroppi in 1988, so all items are marked with this copyright year. However, this doesn't mean the product itself was made in 1988. Some Keroppi items sold as "vintage" have been made recently.

Most items will include the year of copyright as well as the year the product was made. For example: ©1988, 1995 SANRIO CO., LTD. This can be a more reliable way to determine whether or not the item is vintage. If we have listed an undated item as "vintage," we have verified the production date with items from our own collection or with other collectors.

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