Hallmark Merry Miniatures - Items tagged as "Ballerina"

Hallmark Merry MiniaturesMerry Miniatures were added to the Hallmark line in 1974 and are tiny detailed figurines that are meant to sit on a shelf rather than hang on a tree. They look festive displayed together in a group and also make adorable cake toppers.

Like Hallmark's ornaments, pins, and other collectibles, the Merry Miniatures often have a specific holiday or seasonal theme. Many of the Merry Miniatures characters are also featured on ornaments or pins.

Merry Miniatures figurines were originally sold for just a few dollars, making them very affordable and easy to collect.

Based on information found in collector's books and on Merry Miniatures that come with their original boxes, the copyright date printed on the figurine is often one year earlier than the year the Merry Miniature was actually released. For example, Merry Miniatures released in 1989 are likely dated 1988. 

For the sake of accuracy, the dates and markings described in our product listings reflect the date actually printed on the figurine. When using the "Filter" function on our website to find miniatures released in a specific year, you may wish to search one year earlier. 


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