Flutter Ponies

Flutter Ponies My Little Pony toysThe Flutter Ponies first appeared in the My Little Pony line in Year 4, with another set released in Year 5. Each Flutter Pony came with a set of delicate iridescent wings that fit into a mechanism on her back. Her wings could flap up and down by pressing and releasing the center of the mechanism.

The Flutter Ponies had a unique body shape. They were smaller than adult ponies but larger than baby ponies and had long, slender legs. Their tails were placed higher up on their bottoms than other ponies, giving them a playful look.

Some of the Flutter Ponies had symbols that stretched down their legs, and each one had a matching symbol under her eye or on her forehead.

The fragile wings of these ponies and the fact that they were removable made them very prone to getting broken or misplaced, so it's rare to find a Flutter Pony with its wings intact. 

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