Fisher-Price Lapsitter or Lap Sitter Dolls

Fisher-Price lap sitter or lapsitter dolls

In 1973, Fisher-Price introduced a new line of dolls made especially for toddlers. Fisher-Price referred to these dolls as "lapsitters," although they're more often referred to by collectors as "lap sitters." The dolls had hard plastic heads and hands and soft cloth bodies so they could easily sit on a child's lap.

This message was included in advertisements and also written on the back of each doll's box:

Fisher-Price would like you to meet our girls. These appealing little lapsitters were created with the same thoughtfulness and care that go into every Fisher-Price toy. Soft huggable bodies to cuddle and coddle. Sweet faces and hands to wash up before supper and kiss before bedtime. Hair to comb, and clothing that fastens and unfastens easily. And every one of our girls has a personality all her own. Jenny is wistful. Elizabeth is a heartbreaker. Natalie, a dimpler. Mary looks trusting. Audrey has mischievous eyes. And Baby Ann is, well, a baby. And now that you're acquainted, can they come over to play?

Although the first line included only girls, a boy named Joey was added in 1975. In 1976, a baby named Honey was added. Unlike the other dolls, Honey's clothing didn't have any removable parts. Other lap sitter dolls came with clothing pieces that were designed to be easy for little hands to put on and take off, particularly toddlers who wouldn't be able to manipulate more complicated fashions.

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