Drink and Wet Baby Ponies

Drink 'N Wet Baby Ponies

The Drink and Wet Baby Ponies (also stylized as "Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies") were released in Year 8 of the My Little Pony line and featured baby ponies that could drink a bottle and wet their diapers like baby dolls.

The Drink and Wet Baby Ponies came with a changing table, bottles, and Magic Diapers.

The bottles were different than those included with previous baby pony lines. Instead of being made of hard plastic, they were squeeze bottles that could be filled with water. The baby ponies had large holes in their mouths so they could drink.

The Magic Diapers were also different from previous lines and had hearts that would appear on the fabric when it was time to change the pony's diaper. 

The ponies included in the Drink and Wet Baby Ponies line were Baby Cuddles, Baby Flicker, Baby Rainfeather, and Baby Snookums.

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