Care Bears Toys

Care Bears ToysIn addition to the plush bears, poseable figures, and miniature figurines, the Care Bears line also included other playsets and accessories.

The Care Bears playsets included Care-a-Lot, the Cloud Mobile, and the Rainbow Roller. All three playsets were made for the poseable figures.

Care-a-Lot was "the Care Bears' fun-filled home in the clouds." It was shaped like a heart and had lots of moving parts and fun things for the Care Bears to do.

The Cloud Mobile was "the official car for the poseable Care Bears." It was shaped like a cloud and had room for several Care Bears to ride in it. The Rainbow Roller was also shaped like a cloud with a rainbow on top, but could only hold one Care Bear.

In addition to the playsets, there were also Care Bears books, records, cups and plates, and lots more fun accessories featuring the colorful bears.

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