Care-A-Lot Playset

The Care Bears Care-A-Lot Playset was released in 1983 along with the first line of poseable Care Bears figures and was a fun place for the bears to play. The playset was shaped like a heart with clouds around the outside and a rainbow-shaped handle at the top. It closed up for easy carrying.

The outside of the playset had a swing and a slide on one side and an "emotional dial" on the other so the Care Bears could take turns sharing. There was also a telescope at the top in the Look-About Loft where the Care Bears could sit and look out for anyone who might need their help. A sun-shaped dial on the rainbow could be turned to make the sun "shine" on any of the Care Bears.

The inside of the playset had cloud-shaped chairs, a table, and a spinner toy. The spinner had two seats where the Care Bears could sit and spin around in circles. The set also included a cupcake, heart, and star that could fit into the center of the table or spinner.

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