Yum Yum Flutter Pony from My Little Pony Party Gift Pack


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Yum Yum, she's a Flutter Pony from Year 4. She was originally included as one of the five ponies in the Party Gift Pack pony set and was never sold separately. 

Yum Yum has a purple body, neon yellow hair, and lime green eyes. Her symbol is five burgundy candies and there's also a little candy symbol below her right eye. She no longer has her wings. 

Yum-Yum's hair has been restyled into curls similar to her original style. She shows some dirt and wear, there's some dirt on her bottom, legs, and feet as shown in the last three photos. She also has a little black mark on her upper lip.

The bottom of her foot is marked "86 Hasbro Bradley."

 Condition: Used, vintage

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