Watch Owls Ornament Vintage 1992 Hallmark Magic Light Christmas Keepsake

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$15.00 USD 


This vintage Hallmark Keepsake Ornament from 1992 is called Watch Owls and is made of hand-painted porcelain. It features two owls perched on a branch. The large owl wears a green scarf and the smaller owl wears a red scarf. The small owl has its eyes closed.

There's a hole in the bottom of the ornament and an attachment that plugs into a strand of miniature Christmas lights so the ornament can light up. The light attachment has not been tested, but the bulb appears to be burnt out. Another bulb is included. If the light attachment doesn't work, the ornament can still light up by placing any miniature light from your tree in the hole.

The ornament comes in its original box. The box shows some wear, but the ornament itself is in good condition.

The bottom of the ornament is marked "1992 Hallmark Cards, Inc."

Height: 2 1/4 in. (5.7 cm)
Length: 2 1/8 in. (5.4 cm)
Width: 1 1/8 in. (2.9 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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