Tumbles the Hedgehog Plush Rose Petal Place Stuffed Animal Toy


$125.00 USD 


This vintage Rose Petal Place plush toy is Tumbles the Hedgehog. He's a sweet and fluffy stuffed animal with a cheerful smile, brown eyes, and a round nose.

Tumbles has an orange rose-shaped button on top of his head and an elastic band under his feet. He can curl up into a ball if you roll him up and fasten the elastic to the button. However, elastic tends to disintegrate with age and the ends of the elastic band are getting thin, as shown in the photos. So although the elastic band is intact, it may snap.

Tumbles is soft, clean, and huggable. He is in great condition. The plush Rose Petal Place toys are the hardest to find, so he'd make a great addition to your collection.

His hang tag is marked "Kenner, Tumbles the Hedgehog, David Kirschner Productions (DKP (1984)."

Height: 7 inches (17.8 cm)

Condition: Used, vintage

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