Tiny Daffodil Dumpling Coconut Cupcake Blanket Tea Bunnies Baby Toy


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This vintage Tea Bunnies toy is Tiny Daffodil Dumpling, she comes with the Coconut Cupcake blanket cupcake. Dafffodil Dumpling is one of the Tea Bunny Baby toys. She's yellow with a white diaper and has pink shoes and white gloves. She wears a white lacy bonnet with a yellow ribbon. 

Daffodil Dumpling comes with a cupcake decorated with pink-tinted coconut, there are holes in the top where her ears can poke out and two daffodils on top. The inside of the cupcake is decorated like a baby blanket with a ball and rattle. She also comes with a miniature version of the coconut cupcake that she can hold in her hand.

Daffodil Dumpling is in good condition. 

Tea Bunny Height: 2 1/8 inches (5.4 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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