The Berries Deluxe Carry Case & Storage for Strawberry Shortcake & Sweet April Dolls - BROKEN HANDLE


$60.00 USD 


This vintage vinyl storage case is white and says "The Berries Deluxe Carry Case" on the front. The case is not a licensed Kenner Strawberry Shortcake product, but was made to hold eight Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet April, or other 5-inch dolls. The plastic handle on top is broken so it can't be used for carrying, but will still work for storage or display. 

The front of the case has a red and pink background with three girls, a white cat, and berries and flowers. The inside has a cardboard insert with 8 different compartments for holding Strawberry Shortcake dolls and their pets or clothes and accessories. The insert is removable for even more storage.

The handle on the top of the case is broken, as shown in the photos, and there's no clasp to hold the case shut. The cardboard insert is a little warped and bent, also shown in the photos. The last photo shows the case filled with dolls for size reference - dolls with large or stiff hats will be a tight fit and may press against the cardboard, while the smaller baby characters will have extra room. The dolls shown are sold separately and are not included.

The case shows some wear and has some blue marks on the front.

The front of the case is marked "1982 Miner Industries, Inc." 

Height: 13 1/8" (33.3 cm)
Width: 10 1/8" (25.7 cm)
Depth: 2 1/2" (6.4 cm)
Size of each compartment: 6 1/4 x 2 3/8" (15.9 x 6 cm)

Condition: Used, vintage

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