Sweet Sixteen Barbie Doll Vintage 1973 Blonde Shag Mod Style Head

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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This vintage Barbie doll is Sweet Sixteen Barbie from 1973. She has a blonde shag haircut with bangs, a mod style head, and blue eyes. Her body is not the original, her head has been attached to an older body.

Her hair appears to have been cut shorter from the original length, but it still lays nicely around her face, and her bangs are still intact. There is a dark ink or pencil spot in her mouth.

Her fingernails are painted red and the pinky on her left hand is broken. The plastic used for her body is hard and dense and she has straight legs that don't bend, so it is an older style body. Because it's made of a different type of plastic, it has a darker beige color than her face, which has more of an orange or peach tint. There is also some dirt and wear on the legs. The marking on her bottom has lots of scratching so the logo is no longer readable.

Condition: Used, vintage

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