Strawberry Shortcake with Custard on a Sailboat Deluxe Strawberryland Miniatures


$45.00 USD 


This vintage Strawberry Shortcake miniature figurine set is "Strawberry Shortcake with Custard on a Sailboat." It's one of the Deluxe Strawberryland Miniatures figurine sets.

The set features Strawberry Shortcake dressed in a sailor suit with her pet cat, Custard, on a sailboat made from a red popsicle. Both the sail and raft are marked "SS Shortcake."

The popsicle is made of hard plastic and has a rubbery PVC sail that fits on the front. Strawberry Shortcake and Custard sit on top, Strawberry Shortcake has a blue scope in her hand and is holding her other hand up to her forehead while Custard reads from a map. There's a hole in the bottom of the figurine so it can sit on pegs in the Berry Patch Carry Case.

The raft and figurine both have a few paint rubs and the sail has some faint brown spots on the white portion. The set is otherwise in good vintage condition.

The bottom of the raft is marked "American Greetings Corp. 1983, Kenner Products."

Height: just under 4 inches (10.2 cm)
Length: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Width: 1 7/8 inch (4.8 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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