Soldered Pendant with Tree Artwork & Carl Sandburg Quote

Brown Eyed Rose

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This soldered pendant necklace was inspired by a foggy sunrise and features an original mixed media art design sandwiched between two pieces of glass salvaged from a broken window.  The images on both sides of the pendant are slightly obscured by fog.

One side shows a watercolor and ink tree silhouetted against a red, orange, and yellow sky. On the reverse side of the pendant is a watercolor background and a handwritten quote from Carl Sandburg's poem, Fog Numbers. It reads, 

"Of what is fog the starting point? Of what is the red sun the beginning?"

The pendant hangs from a necklace of shimmery burgundy and olive green ribbon and can be worn with either side of the pendant showing.  The solder is finished with an antiqued black/copper patina for a rustic look.

Let the morning's foggy red sunrise be the starting point and beginning of whatever you choose to make of your day!

Pendant: 1 3/8 inch (3.5 cm) square
Necklace length: 16 1/4 inches (41.3 cm)

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