Replacement Rug for Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home Dollhouse

Brown Eyed Rose

$8.00 USD 


This handmade rug is made of yellow felt and has a pattern with dark yellow polka dots, white strawberry blossoms, and large pink and red strawberries. The pattern makes it a perfect replacement piece for the vintage Berry Happy Home dollhouse since the original rugs can be very hard to find.

The Berry Happy Home was made in 1983 for Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. The dollhouse furniture sets include several different rugs, this one is oval shaped with scalloped edges and is similar in size and shape to the Berry Snuggly Bedroom rug and the Berry Cheery Living Room rug. It will match well in any room of the dollhouse.

Please note that this is a handmade item, not one of the original vintage Berry Happy Home rugs. This listing is for the rug only - the other items shown are not included but are sold separately.

Please allow for some natural variation in the pattern and design as no two are exactly alike.

Length: 3 7/8 inches (9.8 cm)
Width: 2 7/8 inches (7.3 cm)

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