Puppy Love Pin Pal Vintage Avon 1975 Children's Dog Lapel with Fragrance Glacé


$15.00 USD 


This vintage pin by Avon is the Puppy Love Pin Pal from 1975. It features a light brown puppy with dark brown ears, eyes, nose, and tail sitting on a pink pillow. The back opens up and has solid perfume inside.

The pin comes with its original box. The pin is in good condition and still has unused solid fragrance glacé perfume inside. 

Fragrances degrade over time, so the fragrance glacé may no longer have the same scent it did 40+ years ago and is best used as a collectible for display or for sentimental value rather than to wear as perfume. 

The back is marked "Avon Products, Inc. 1974."

Height: 1 3/4" (4.4 cm)
Width: 1 3/4" (4.4 cm)
Thickness: 3/8" (1 cm)
Condition: New Old Stock (NOS), vintage

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