Polly Pocket Wedding Chapel Playset Vintage 1993 Light Up Pollyville Church - WORKS

Brown Eyed Rose

$55.00 USD 


This vintage Polly Pocket playset is the light up Pollyville Wedding Chapel from 1993. It features a church with a light-up clock tower and stained glass window, and inside there are light up candles and a chandelier.

The playset opens up to reveal a wedding chapel with pews, an altar, and an organ. There's also a wedding reception area with a table, wedding cake, presents, and bathroom. In the steeple area is a spot with speakers for a DJ, and the stairs lead up to a room with a mirror and vanity.

Pressing a button on the steeple once lights up a colorful stained glass window with a dove on the outside of the playset and candles on the inside. Pressing it a second time lights up the steeple's clock tower on the outside and a chandelier above the vanity on the inside. Pressing it a third time turns all of the lights on, pressing it once more turns them off.

The playset does not include any dolls but is in very good vintage condition.

To activate the light-up features requires 1 AAA battery, which is not included. The battery compartment is on the back of the steeple.

The bottom of the playset is marked "Bluebird Toys PLC 1993."

Condition: Used, vintage

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