Peach Blossom Flutter Pony Vintage G1 My Little Pony


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Peach Blossom, she's a Flutter Pony from Year 4. She has an aqua blue body, aqua blue hair, and purple eyes. Her symbol is 7 pink peach blossoms with red centers. She also has a peach blossom on her forehead. She is missing her wings.

Peach Blossom's body is a little warped so she leans to one side, as shown in the third photo, but can still stand up on her own. She also has a few brown pin dot spots on her symbol, as shown in the 4th photo.

Her hair has been restyled into curls, her original hair style had looser, larger curls but was mostly straight. 

The bottom of her foot is marked "86 Hasbro Bradley."

Condition: Used, vintage

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