Mummy Charms Collector Poster My Little Pony Charm Checklist


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This vintage My Little Pony poster shows all of the Mummy Charms available and has a heart next to each one so you can check them off as you add to your collection. There's also a "Free Charm Bracelet" certificate at the bottom of the poster.

The Mummy Charms were originally available in Year 6 of the My Little Pony line in specially marked My Little Pony packages. There were 20 different charms to collect and a charm bracelet that was only available through a mail order offer

Although the title at the top of the poster says "Mummy Charms," they are referred to as "Mommy Charms" in all other places on the poster.

In addition to the picture and name of each Mummy Charm, there's also a description of each one. The text reads:

My Little Pony Mommies are extra special girls. They work hard to be their very best. They teach their ponies to be their best, too. Pony charms help remind Pony Mommies of all the important things that make her especially good. To help you remember what each charm stands for, the Ponies have written a special poem just for you!


Loving like SWEETHEART, who's happy all the time,
And wears a big smile like MORNING SUNSHINE.

Thoughtful like SWEET & SPECIAL, who's very kind, too,
And polite like PRETTY PLEASE who says "thank you."

Thinking of others, YOURS TOO shares all her favorite toys,
And TELL-A-TALE has lots of stories for good girls and boys.

Makin' music is fun, as SWEET TUNE would say,
she'll even help CURTAIN CALL stage her next play.

PAINT-A-PICTURE is artistic and draws pretty scenes,
While LITTLE HELPER makes everything squeaky clean.

HAPPY DANCER likes to dance the night away,
But TINY TUMBLER would rather somersault than sway.

SECRET KEEPER is a good listener and nice to talk to,
And there's no better friend than one that's TRUE BLUE.

When it's time for fun and games, FAIR PLAY is there,
And FUNNY FACE will help ease the worry of a scare.

Are you like TICKLISH all squirms and wiggles?
Or funny like LAUGH-A-LOT telling jokes and riddles.

FUN LOVER is as playful as playful can be,
And HUGS & KISSES will make everything seem snuggly.

The certificate at the bottom says:

Free Charm Bracelet

Collect all 20 My Little Pony Mommy Charms. Save the pretty poster above and check off the charms you collect in the heart space next to their names! Pony Mommy Charms are free inside specially marked My Little Pony packages.

To receive your FREE Pony Mommy Charm Bracelet, a colorful chain that your charms easily clip onto, mail this certificate and $1.50 for postage and handling.

The certificate is dated 1986 and has an offer expiration date of 1/31/89.

The poster originally came folded, so it has some wear on the creases. Some of the edges are a little scuffed and it shows some general wear. It's a rare piece of ephemera for your My Little Pony collection. 

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Length: 13 in. (33 cm)
Width: 6 7/8 in. (17.5 cm) 
Condition: Used, vintage

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