Mollyberry Charmkins Shoelace Hanger and Charm


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This vintage Charmkins charm is Mollyberry, she's a sweet little girl with blonde hair and purple eyes and is holding a little purple mouse or pet. She wears a purple hat with green holly leaves, a dark purple dress, green tights, and shoes with balls on the toes. She hangs from a purple jewelry hanger with white trim.

Mollyberry's jewelry hanger has loops on both sides so it can slide onto a shoe lace and she can dangle from your shoe. This is probably why she's one of the hardest Charmkins to find, the charm was easily lost when hanging from a shoe. If you'd like to wear her as a necklace instead, her shoelace hanger can be added to the ribbon choker necklace shown in the last photo, which is sold separately.

Mollyberry has a loop at the top of her head and also a hole on the bottom so she can sit on the pieces with pegs or in the Charmkins Jewelry Carry Case. She shows some minor wear and has a little paint rubbed off her mouth, but is overall in nice vintage condition and is still scented like flowers.

Mollyberry is marked "Hasbro 1983" on the bottom.

Jewelry hanger: just under 1 inch wide (2.5 cm) and 1 1/8 inch tall (2.9 cm)
Mollyberry height: 1 1/4 inch (3.2 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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