Miniature Chocolate Polymer Clay Dollhouse Cake with Red Hearts

Brown Eyed Rose

$35.00 USD 

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This miniature polymer clay dollhouse cake is a chocolate cake with red frosting in the middle and white frosting on top. There are also miniature red hearts and sprinkles on top. It's hand sculpted out of polymer clay and has a piece cut out to reveal the spongy cake inside.

The cake sits on a serving platter, also made from polymer clay. The platter has a scalloped edge with lace-like details and red accents added. The cake and its slice are not attached to the platter, so they can be removed for play.

The miniature cherry tea set and dollhouse silverware are sold separately.
Diameter of Cake: 7/8 inch (just under 2 cm)
Cake Height: 3/4 inch (1.9 cm)
Diameter of Platter: 2 inches (5.1 cm)

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