Maiden Goldenwaves Doll Vintage Lady LovelyLocks Enchanted Island Mermaid


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This vintage Lady LovelyLocks doll is Maiden Goldenwaves from the Enchanted Island. She comes with her original mermaid dress, shell hair tie, and two Pixietails hair clips. She has tan skin, blue eyes, and lovely blonde hair with blue streaks in it.

Maiden Goldenwaves has seahorse Pixietails, they may or may not be the ones she originally came with. One is purple with pink and purple hair, the other is orange with orange and yellow hair.

Her skirt can be worn two ways, extended to her ankles as a mermaid tail or scrunched up like a puffy skirt. She is missing her shoes.

Maiden Goldenwaves and her Pixietails are in nice condition except for some splotchy patches on her legs, as shown in the last photo. This doesn't show when her dress is pulled down.

Her hair is very pretty and smooth. She has a shell-shaped decoration tied to the tuft of hair on top of her head. The rubber bands in her hair are replacements as the originals were dried and cracked.

The back of her head is marked "1986 TCFC."

Height: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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