Lemon Chiffon Cake Dollhouse Miniature Polymer Clay Dessert

Brown Eyed Rose

$35.00 USD 


This 1:12 scale miniature dessert is a scrumptious lemon chiffon cake hand sculpted from polymer clay. There is a layer of lemon curd between two layers of yellow cake topped with fluffy white frosting. The top is adorned with lemon slices and citrus leaves. A slice is cut out to reveal the yellow cake and lemon curd inside.

The cake sits on a small white platter, also made from polymer clay.  

The tea set and silverware are not included but are sold separately.

Cake Height: 5/8 inch (1.6 cm)
Cake Diameter: 7/8 inch (2.2 cm)
Diameter of Platter: 1 3/8 inches (3.5 cm)

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