Herself the Elf Pamphlet Vintage Advertising Toy Brochure Booklet


$6.00 USD 


This vintage Herself the Elf advertising brochure or booklet is a fold-out pamphlet that features products available in the toy line by Mattel. These booklets were included in the box with Herself the Elf toys to advertise what other playsets and dolls were available.

The pamphlet folds out with 6 double-sided pages printed in color. There's a page for each doll in the line - Herself the Elf, Snowdrop, Meadow Morn, Willow Song, and Woodpink. The reverse side features the playsets, including the Flower Vanity, Flower Shower, Flower House, Doll 'N Tote, and rag doll. A short description of each item is also provided, with cute little rhymes about each character's personality.

This pamphlet is a great piece of ephemera for your Herself the Elf collection and could also be framed.

Cover size: 4 1/4 inches square (10.8 cm)
Length when unfolded: 25 1/2 inches (65 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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