Happy Haunting Hallmark 1996 Halloween Merry Miniatures Set

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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This set of vintage Merry Miniatures figurines by Hallmark is the 2-piece "Happy Haunting" set from Halloween 1996. One piece is a mouse dressed as a ghost. The other is a pumpkin house with a mouse dressed as a witch leaning out the door with a piece of candy corn.

The figurines have been displayed, but come with their original box. The back of the box says: 
Don't be afraid! The ghost with the big ears is really just a tiny mouse doing a bit of "Happy Haunting" in the pumpkin patch. Although he looks a bit "spooked," the little trick-or-treater will soon realize that the witch in the pumpkin house is just a friend in costume!

Each figurine is marked "1995 Hallmark Cards" on the bottom. The box says "Holidays 1996." 

The box shows lots of wear, but the figurines are in good condition.

Pumpkin height: 1 5/8 inch (4.1 cm)
Ghost height: 7/8 inch (2.2 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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