Handmade Rose Petal Place Bookmark with Glitter & Ribbon

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$10.00 USD 


This handmade Rose Petal Place bookmark features artwork from vintage Rose Petal Place stickers and shows each of the Rose Petal Place characters - Rose-Petal, Sunny Sunflower, Iris, Lily Fair, Orchid and Daffodil. It also has the Rose Petal Place logo. 

The bookmark is laminated so it's strong and durable. It has bits of sparkly glitter inside and the top is tied with pink ribbon and green ribbon with leaves. 

Please allow for some natural variation from the bookmark shown as no two bookmarks are exactly alike.

Length: 6 7/8 inches (17.5 cm) (not including ribbon)
Width: 1 5/8 inches (4.1 cm)

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