Fisher-Price Portable 1980 Cassette Player and Tape Recorder


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This vintage Fisher-Price cassette player is a sturdy and portable device that can play and record cassette tapes. With a volume dial and just five buttons (Stop/Eject, Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward and Record), it's easy for young children to use. To avoid accidentally recording over tapes, both the Play and Record buttons have to be pressed at the same time.

There is a little static when adjusting the volume, but the tape player works fine. The functional design features a handle at the top, a speaker on the back, and a small microphone panel on the front. Unfortunately, it does not have an earphone jack for individual listening.

The tape player is powered by four C batteries (not included), which can be inserted on the bottom of the unit. The bottom is marked "1980 Fisher-Price Toys / Division of the Quaker Oats Co."

Condition: Used, vintage

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