Fisher-Price Little People Toys 1990 Chunky Dog, Girls, Boys


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These vintage Fisher-Price Little People toys are the Chunky Little People. They're larger versions of the classic toys and were produced because the older versions were considered a choking hazard. The set includes 7 Little People, a dog, and an orange car.


  • Girl with red hair (bangs & ponytail)
  • Girl with blonde hair in pigtails
  • Girl with black hair in pigtails
  • Girl with short brown hair


  • Boy with blonde hair
  • Boy with black hair
  • Man with yellow cowboy hat and mustache

All the Little People are marked "1990 Fisher-Price Toys," and the dog is marked "1991 Fisher-Price Toys." Because of the larger size, these won't fit with older Little People toys.

Height: 1 7/8 inch (4.8 cm)
Diameter at base: 1 1/8 inch (2.9 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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