Fisher-Price Little People Family Set Table, Chairs, Beds, Dog


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This vintage Fisher-Price Little People toy set includes a table with four chairs, a double bed, two twin beds, Mom & Dad, a dog, and lots of kids. 

The pieces show some dirt, wear, and scuffs from years of play, but would make a great way to start or add to your collection.

Included in the set:
1 round green table
4 green chairs
1 yellow double bed
2 yellow twin beds
1 Mom - black hair, red body
1 dad - black hair, green body
1 dog (ears are chewed)
4 girls with collars - 1 blonde with blue body, 1 brown hair with red body (one eye worn off), 1 brown hair with yellow body, 1 brown hair with blue body
1 boy with angry face, orange baseball cap, red freckles, yellow body
1 boy with brown hair, orange body

The beds have indentation marks on the foam mattresses, but it's rare to find these beds with the mattresses intact at all.

These characters and furniture pieces are likely from the Play Family House, but are compatible with any of the Fisher-Price Little People toys.

Condition: Used, vintage

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