Fig Boot Strawberry Shortcake Baby Needs-A-Name Pet


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This vintage Strawberry Shortcake toy is Fig Boot. He was the pet of Baby Needs-A-Name, who was one of the Baby Blow Kiss dolls. He's a purple dinosaur with blue spots, mint green scales down his back, and a tuft of red hair at the top of his head.

Fig Boot is made of rubbery plastic with hard plastic arms that move up and down. His head also rotates from side to side. He has a cute expression with his eyes squeezed shut and two sharp teeth sticking out of the corners of his mouth.

Fig Boot has a few paint rubs on his spots and has bite marks on one foot, as shown in the last two photos, but is otherwise in good display condition. He's marked "AGC 1984" on the bottom.

He'd be a great addition to your Strawberry Shortcake collection!

Height: 3 1/2 inches (8.9 cm)

Condition: Used, vintage

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