Chocolottie Doll 1988 First Issue Cherry Merry Muffin Friend


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This vintage Cherry Merry Muffin doll is the First Issue 1988 version of Chocolottie. She's one of Cherry Merry Muffin's friends and comes with her original dress, apron, hair bow, muffins, her Flavor Friend named Chocolate Drop, and her white comb. The set of 6 muffins are dark brown and are connected together as a set but can be removed from her white muffin pan.

Chocolottie has wavy light brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, and wears a brown and pink dress with a plastic cupcake on the front. Her arms are poseable and her legs bend so she can sit. Her dark pink shoes are painted on. A slightly different Second Issue Chocolottie doll was released in 1989.

Chocolottie's bangs seem to hang in her face a little and there are some light scuffs on her shoes. She doesn't seem to have any scent left. Her Flavor Friend, Chocolate Drop, has some paint rubbed off the nose and arms.

The back of her neck is marked "Mattel, Inc. 1988." She would make a great addition to your collection!

Height: 6 inches (15.2 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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