Charmkins Flower Mill Play Set Windmill with Whippoorwill, Chrysanthemum & Furniture


$105.00 USD 


This vintage play set is the Charmkins Whippoorwill Flower Mill. It's a flower-shaped windmill for displaying your charms and the back opens up to reveal a tiny cottage. It comes with some of its original accessories, including some furniture, the Whippoorwill bird ring, and the Chrysanthemum charm, which were not sold separately and were only available with the playset.

There were several color variations of the flower mill made and different colored furniture for the inside. This set has a peach or orange colored flower at the top and a yellow flower on the front. Whippoorwill the bird fits inside a ring shaped like a nest, and the ring fits into the top of the mill. Turning the ring will turn the flower where the charms can be displayed.

The petals of the large yellow flower on the front have pegs for hanging the Charmkins, so this makes a great way to display them. All of the petals and pegs are still intact, which is rare for this toy.

The Flower Mill has a green yard base and there's a fence at the front with a picnic table. More Charmkins can be displayed here. There's some yellowed areas on this part, as shown in the photos.

The back of the Flower Mill has a yellow fence that's actually a child-size headband with a plastic daisy on it and a small post where any Charmkins charm can be attached. The flower on the headband has a few petals missing, as shown in the photos, but it's very rare to find a playset with the headband at all.

The inside opens up to show miniature rooms that have stickers with room details such as windows and furniture. There's also real plastic furniture that can be moved and arranged. One of the stickers on the floor has some damage, as shown in the photos.

Not all of the original furniture pieces are included. The set includes the following:

Picnic table (purple)
Bird bath (pink)
Pot belly stove (purple)
Armchair (pink)
Coffee table (purple)
Flower pots without flowers (2 purple, 1 pink)
Whippoorwill bird Charmkin with nest ring
Chrystanthemum Charmkin

The playset and Charmkins pieces show some wear and there's some yellowed glue residue from places where it was glued. The plastic is yellowed and aged in places, consistent with the age of this piece.

The playset comes with its original box, which is in poor condition and has some water damage on the bottom.

This would be such a fun addition to your collection and also makes a great way to display your Charmkins collection!

Condition: Used, vintage

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