Cabbage Patch Kids Michelle Elyse Snow Fairy 1994 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy


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This vintage Cabbage Patch Kids toy is Michelle Elyse, a Snow Fairy that was offered in 1994 as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy. She has blue eyes, blonde hair, and wears an off-white dress with snowflakes. She has a matching snowflake crown and holds a snowflake wand in her hand.

As a Happy Meal toy, the figure is made of hard plastic and has poseable arms. Her hair is made of molded yellow plastic and off-white yarn. The bodice of her dress says "CPK" and is decorated with silver glitter.

Michelle Elyse's dress was originally white, but has yellowed with age. She has a paint rub on one cheek but is otherwise in good vintage condition.

The bottom of the toy is marked "1994 OAA, Inc."

Height: 3 1/2 inches (8.9 cm), not including her yarn hair
Condition: Used, vintage

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