Cabbage Patch Kids Doll - Girl, Light Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Dimples, Tooth


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This vintage Cabbage Patch Kids girl doll has dark blonde or light brown hair with pigtails, green eyes, dimples, and a tooth. She has a slightly tan complexion. She's wearing jeans and an orange windbreaker jacket over an orange and white striped shirt. Her shoes are white with pink stripes on the side.

On the back pocket of her jeans is a silk tag with the Cabbage Patch Kids logo. Her diaper has a pattern with pastel footprints and says "Cabbage Patch Kids" in cursive.

Her pigtails are scraggly and thin and some of the yarn strands have been cut shorter than others. Part of the Cabbage Patch Kids logo on the jacket is wearing off and there's a pen mark on one sleeve. One of her shoes is missing a shoelace. We have replacement laces available, but the other shoe has a tear in one of the shoelace holes, so laces may not stay in. All of these flaws are shown in more detail in the photos.

Her bottom is signed "Xavier Roberts '85" in blue. There's a small snag in the fabric next to the signature.

Height: 16 in. (41 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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