Buttercup Charmkins Keychain with White Dog


$18.00 USD 


This vintage Charmkins charm is Buttercup, she's a fluffy white dog with purple hair that hangs in her eyes. Buttercup is attached to a purple plastic keychain and has a yellow buttercup flower in her mouth and on one ear.

Buttercup has a loop on top of her head so she can hang from other Charmkins jewelry, and also has a hole in the bottom so she can attach to pieces with pegs or the Charmkins Jewelry Carry Case. She's flat on the bottom, so she can also stand just fine on her own.

Buttercup is attached to a purple plastic chain with a keychain attachment at the end - twist the attachment to open it, then twist it back shut to lock it in place. Because the plastic is so old, it may not hold up to being flexed while trying to attach it to something and is best suited for display only.

Buttercup has some discolorations and imperfections in the plastic, which is a common problem for this charm. She also has some paint rubs, as shown in the photos.

Buttercup is marked "Hasbro" on the bottom.

Height: 7/8 inch (2.2 cm)
Length from head to tail: 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Length from top of keychain to bottom of feet: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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