Bouncing Bet & Half An Inchworm Charmkins Charms


$20.00 USD 


This vintage Charmkins set is Bouncing Bet and Half an Inchworm. Bouncing Bet is a cheerful girl with pink striped pants and Half an Inchworm is a green worm with wheels that really turn. Bouncing Bet attaches to a peg on his back. The Bouncing Bet and Half an Inchworm set originally came with a pink name tag keychain hanger, but that piece is missing. 

Both Bouncing Bet and Half an Inchworm have loops on top of their head so they can hang from the name tag hanger or other Charmkins pieces. Bouncing Bet has a hole in the bottom so she can fit onto pieces with pegs or in the Charmkins Jewelry Carry Case.

Bouncing Bet and Half an Inchworm are both in good condition.

Both pieces are marked "1984 Hasbro."

Bouncing Bet height: 1 1/8 inch (2.9 cm)
Half an Inchworm: 1 1/8 inch (2.9 cm) tall, 1 3/8 inch (3.5 cm) wide
Condition: Used, vintage

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