Blue Moon Necklace Stained Glass Soldered Pendant

Brown Eyed Rose

$25.00 USD 

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This blue moon necklace features a soldered stained glass pendant in a rich shade of cobalt blue with streaks of milky, translucent areas swirled into the glass. As unique as a real blue moon, this necklace is dramatic, yet understated.

Looks great paired with blues, or wear it with yellows and oranges to make your wardrobe pop. Both sides of the glass show some natural variation in colors and patterns, and the pendant can be worn with either side showing.

The pendant hangs from a decorative silver bail on a necklace of silky blue cord and is finished with a silver clasp.

We also have a full moon necklace available.

Diameter: 1 1/8 inches (2.9 cm) 
Height from top of bail to bottom of pendant: 1 3/4 inches (4.4 m)
Necklace length: 20 inches (51 cm)

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