Big Top & Toppy Newborn Twins G1 My Little Pony Set with Accessories


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This set of My Little Pony twins is Big Top and Toppy, they're Newborn Twins Ponies from the second set of twins released in Year 6. The set also includes some of their original accessories.

Big Top is white with yellow hair, and Toppy is yellow with white hair. Both ponies have blue eyes and a clown for their symbol.

Their accessories include two white newborn baby bottles (these are smaller than the bottles that came with baby ponies), an aqua blue spoon, a sandbox, one Newborn Pony diaper box, two diapers, and two teddy bear brushes - one yellow, and one lavender. 

Big Top has a small rust-colored dot on one foot and a larger one along the rootline of her mane, although this is mostly covered by her hair. Toppy has a few tiny marks here and there, but the twins are overall in good display condition.

The bottoms of their feet are marked "87 Hasbro Inc."

 Condition: Used, vintage

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