Bicyclin' Whitney Barbie Doll Vintage 1996 #18736 Friend of Stacie


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This vintage Barbie is the 1996 Bicyclin' Whitney doll #18736. Whitney is a friend of Stacie, Barbie's little sister. Whitney has green eyes and long crimped red hair with bangs.

Whitney comes with her original outfit. It has a purple shirt with long sleeves and an overall shorts set over the top with purple and bright orange flowers. The outfit is all one piece. Whitney also wears purple earrings and purple sandals. 

Whitney originally came with a bicycle she could ride, so her legs are jointed at the hips and knees and her elbows bend so she could ride the bike. Whitney doesn't come with any of her original accessories but is clean and is in very good condition. 

The back of her head is marked "Mattel, Inc. 1991."

Height: 7 3/4" (19.7 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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