Berrykin Berry Princess Doll Vintage Strawberry Shortcake


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This vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll is the Berry Princess, she was released in 1985 with the very collectible Berrykin line of dolls. She has blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and wears a pink dress. The Berry Princess is much taller than the Strawberry Shortcake dolls and is more like a Barbie. She doesn't come with any of her original accessories.

The dress has an iridescent pink skirt portion with pockets in it to hold the Berrykin critters, which were sold with each of the other Berrykin dolls. Over this part of the dress is a sheer white skirt part. The 5th and 6th photos show this up close. The Berrykin critters are not included and are shown only for reference. 

The Berry Princess has pink legs with white painted-on heels, the heels have some paint rubs and her legs show some dirt, as shown in the 4th photo. Her dress is long enough to cover this when she's on display. 

Overall she's very clean and in good vintage condition. Her curly hair is a little messy as she's missing her headband, and the tightness of the curls may loosen with time.

Height: 8 1/2 inches (21.6 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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