Barbie Bubble Bath Tub Vintage 1981 Pink Bathtub Shower Vanity Mirror

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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This vintage Barbie Bubble Bath Tub from 1981 is a pretty pink color and really works. Just add some water and bubble bath solution, press the pump up and down, and air bubbles rise from the bottom of the tub for lots of foam.

There's also a water spout that pumps water and a clear plastic tube that can be attached to make water flow out of the shower head instead. The shower attachment can hang from the top of the shower or be held in Barbie's hand with the small handle on the side.

There are two side panels for privacy, each with arched openings and clear plastic "windows" with tropical plants and flowers so Barbie can enjoy some peaceful relaxation and privacy while taking her bubble bath.

There is also a dark pink soap dish attached to the tub, a small shelf that attaches outside the unit where Barbie can store things, and a towel rack.

The bath tub shows a little wear from play, but is otherwise in great vintage condition.

Condition: Used, vintage

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