Baby Tugs Bear Blue Vintage Care Bears Poseable 3-Inch Figure


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This vintage Care Bears toy is Baby Tugs Bear. He's blue and wears a little white diaper. His tummy symbol is a yellow star in a blue diaper, and he has poseable arms and legs and a little blue curl of hair on top of his head. He comes with his hard-to-find play piece accessory, the Big Diggity Bucket.

Since he's a baby, Baby Tugs Bear is smaller than the other full-size Care Bears. He has a little sister named Baby Hugs Bear, who is pink.

Baby Tugs Bear's Big Diggity Bucket is an orange bucket or pail filled with clouds, there are also stars in it and a shovel. His hands are curved so he can hold the bucket by the handle.

He has some paint rubbed off his nose, but his tummy and diaper are in nice condition. He'd be a great addition to your collection!

The back of his leg is marked "AGC 84."

Height: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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