Tour the Berry Merry Attic

The Berry Merry Attic is at the very top of the Berry Happy Home. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends can come up here via the drop-down attic stairs. Come on up!

Berry Merry Attic drop-down staircase

There are lots of fun toys up here, including a trunk, a telescope, and a miniature dollhouse version of the Berry Happy Home. The attic also makes a great place to store the top and toy chest from the Berry Fancy Fun Room.

Berry Merry Attic from happy Home dollhouse

The stairs can be folded back up so there's more floor space to play.

Spinning strawberry top from Berry Fancy Fun Room

Strawberry Shortcake can use the telescope to look at stars through the skylight.

Telescope and stool for Berry Merry Attic

This little miniature dollhouse is an exact replica of the Berry Happy Home!

Dollhouse miniature for Berry Happy Home attic furniture

The spinning top is fun to play with and can be stored in the trunk or toy chest.

Strawberry spinning top for Berry Fancy Fun Room

Trunk for Berry Merry Attic

Pets like to play in the trunk too, but they belong in the pet bed!

Pet bed for Berry Merry Attic

We hope you've enjoyed your tour of the Berry Happy Home!

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