Copyright FAQs

Do you hold the copyrights to your images and work? 
Yes. All works of art within this website have been registered with the U.S. Copyright office and are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of our works or statements may used, modified, copied, or transferred electronically without our prior written permission.

What is copyright infringement? 
Copyright infringement includes the display, modification, distribution or reproduction of a work of art without permission from the artist or copyright owner.

Do you have a Terms of Use for your images and work? 
Yes. The images and work that appear on this site may not be removed from this site, downloaded, copied, or modified in any way without permission.  

Can I use or modify a work of art if I include your copyright statement and credit the source? 
No, works of art cannot be used without prior written permission. 

Isn't something on the internet considered public domain or covered under Fair Use?
No, a copyright owner must grant permission in order for a work to be used.

If I purchase one of your products, can I use, copy, or modify it? 
No, copyright permission is not granted by purchasing a product. Copyright owners still retain the rights to their products even when an item is sold. You are purchasing the item only, not the rights to reproduce it. Owning a physical product doesn't grant the copyright to that product.

Can I use your work of art for my own personal use, as long as I don't sell it?
No. It is still illegal to use copyrighted work, even if it's not for profit.

I've changed or modified one of your images or designs so that it's different from your work, can I use this instead? 
No, modifying copyrighted work is still considered copyright infringement.

If I find your work on another site without a copyright notice, can I use that work? 
No, a work of art doesn't have to have a copyright notice or symbol displayed with it in order for copyright laws to apply.  

How can I use a work of art from your site?
You may share an item using the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, or other social bookmarking links found on this site. For any other use, please contact our Copyrights and Legal Team with a description of your intended use. Please note that you must receive written permission from us before using the work - requesting permission doesn't automatically grant the use of a work.

What happens if I infringe on a copyrighted work? 
You will be required to remove the copyrighted work and refrain from using it further. Hosting companies and search engines have the right to remove sites that infringe on copyrighted material, so you risk having your site temporarily or permanently shut down. Individuals infringing on copyrighted material are also subject to fines and legal action.  


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