Frosty Friends Ornament #23 2002 Hallmark Keepsake

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$15.00 USD 


This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament from 2002 is #23 in the Frosty Friends Collector's Series. The ornament features a sweet child standing on a sheet of ice building an igloo with ice blocks. A penguin is popping up from inside the igloo and has a block of ice on top of its head. There's a gold hook on the side for hanging.

The child has black hair and wears green gloves and a grey parka with red and white trim. The blocks of ice are covered with iridescent white glitter and the side of the igloo is dated 2002. The back of the igloo is signed "ES" for Ed Seale, the artist of the ornament.

The ornament has been displayed, so it shows some light wear. Because the ornament hanger is attached to the side of the ornament rather than the top, it's gotten a little bent, as shown in the photos. The bottom of the ornament is flat, so it could also be displayed on a shelf instead.

The ornament comes with its original box, but the Christmas Memory Card where you can write information about the ornament is missing. The box has marker writing on the top where it was previously given as a gift, so it's not in giftable condition. It does include a plastic insert to protect the ornament during storage.

Height: just over 2 in. (5.1 cm)
Length: 3 in. (7.6 cm)
Width: just over 2 in. (5.1 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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