Plum Puddin at School with Elderberry Owl Miniature Figurine - RARE


$110.00 USD 


This vintage Strawberry Shortcake miniature figurine is "Plum Puddin at School with Elderberry Owl." It features Strawberry Shortcake's friend, Plum Puddin, and her pet, Elderberry Owl all ready for school. Plum Puddin wears her classic purple dress and holds a pencil in one hand and a notebook that says "1+1" in the other. Eldberry Owl also holds a large pencil. 

This figurine was sold by itself but is often confused with the one sold as part of the Plum Puddin and Elderberry Owl Work at the Blackboard set from the Deluxe Strawberryland Miniatures collection.

This figurine is one of the most rare and hard-to-find Strawberryland Miniatures, it would be a great addition to your collection. The figurine has a few paint rubs on Plum Puddin's hat, dress and shoes and on Elderberry's wing and tail, as shown in the photos. It's otherwise very clean and in nice condition.

The bottom of the figurine is marked "A.G.C. 84."

Height: 2 1/8 inches (5.4 cm)
Length: 1 5/8 inches (4.1 cm)
Width: 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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