Hallmark Noah's Friends 1997 Camels & Lambs Merry Miniatures Figurines

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$15.00 USD 


This vintage Merry Miniatures figurine set by Hallmark is the "Noah's Friends" 2-piece set from 1997. The set includes two figurines, one featuring a pair of lambs and the other a pair of camels.

The figurine set comes with the original box. The back of the box says: "Two by two, the camels and lambs look forward to joining Noah on his journey. These new friends are a joyful addition to any Merry Miniatures collection, and they especially complement the Noah and Friends set introduced in 1996. Look for the dove symbol on each piece."

The bottom of the box says "Miniature Figurines, Story Time 1997" but lists a copyright year of 1996.  

The box shows some light wear, but the figurines are in good condition.

There's a dove symbol on the bottom of each figurine.

Height (camels): 1 3/8 in. (3.5 cm)
Height (lambs): 1 in. (2.5 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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