Garden House Playset

Strawberry Shortcake Garden House playset
Strawberry Shortcake Garden House playset
The Garden House is one of the playsets from the Strawberry Shortcake line. It's a white plastic gazebo where the Strawberry Shortcake dolls can play. The Garden House has a latticework pattern laced with green leaves and a strawberry-shaped handle on top.

A door on each side opens up with lots of room inside. One door has a fold-down storage compartment for accessories and a rack underneath with two hangers for hanging clothes. The other door has a vanity table on it with stickers that show Strawberry Shortcake's comb, brush, jewelry photos, powder puff, and other items.

Two red hammocks can be placed anywhere inside the garden house by attaching the plastic ends to the lattice work. There's a barbecue grill for grilling and a table with two chair where the dolls can enjoy their picnic.

Strawberry-shaped latches hold the doors shut and six leaf or vine attachments can be arranged anywhere on the gazebo by pressing pegs into the holes.

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